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Diagnostic Scanning

Automotive Diagnostic Scanning

It doesn’t matter what make of vehicle you have, whether it’s a late model or a newer one, we can run a diagnostic scan to assess its faults and performance. All our services are conducted in-house by our specialist team, which can cost much less than getting a diagnostic scan done at the dealership.

Running a diagnostic scan doesn’t count for much unless you have the experience to make any necessary repairs or knowledge to look into an issue if it persists. For this reason, our diagnostic scanning services are complemented by our expertise and hands-on mechanical experience.

When it comes to matters of your car, great communication is key. If anything comes up during a diagnostic scan that requires us to work on it, you’ll be the first to know and we won’t do anything without your thumbs-up. Our team keeps lines of communication open throughout our process.

Tony Allen Auto Service’s Diagnostic Scanning Service

Our expert team here at Tony Allen offer comprehensive automotive diagnostic scanning to identify, confirm and find solutions for any issues your car may be having. Our scanning systems are always accurate. Our customers rely on our services for the best outcomes for their vehicles.
With advanced technology and sophisticated operation, TAAS technicians will ensure your car is 100% safe and road ready.

How to know if you require a car Diagnosis Scan

If you have experienced any warning signs that something may be off with your car, it’s best to get your car inspected by an automotive expert to guarantee safety and efficiency on the roads. Here are some common issues that you may have noticed:

  • Your car’s warning lights are on
  • Your engine takes a long time to get going
  • There are strange sounds such as clicking, squealing, clicking or knocking
  • Your tyres have become worn faster than usual
  • Your brake pedal feels spongy
  • There is liquid leaking from your car
  • Your car shakes or vibrates
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Lack of power

Identify vehicle issues, confirm faults and find solutions

When booking a diagnostic scan with our team, you will receive a high-tech specialist motor scanning service. This, alongside the added bonus of our team’s extensive knowledge, will provide you with a full system check. Giving you confidence in your vehicle.

Our team will work to identify any issues your vehicle may have, confirm we have found all possible problems and conduct fixes promptly. As one of South Auckland’s leading automotive repairer, our team are known for our ability to provide top-notch solutions.

Book your vehicle diagnostic scanning with Tony Allen Auto Service today

For a thorough automotive diagnostic service in South Auckland, book your car in for an appointment with our expert team. To book, you can fill out a form here or contact our helpful team on 0800 100 876 – we are happy to help with any questions you may have about our process.

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