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South Auckland Steering and Suspension Services

If you notice your vehicle’s handling is poor, it could be your steering and suspension. By running your vehicle through our computerised suspension test lane, we can check over your shocks and steering and do any necessary repair work to get you back on the road. Bad suspension can make your tyres wear faster and unevenly causing higher fuel consumption and increasing your braking distance.

Tony Allen Auto Service provides leading steering and suspension services in Auckland. Our team specialises in testing, diagnosis and repair work, performing all services in-house with our advanced technology. Relying on our experts guarantees a smooth and safe experience on the roads.

With affordable care, our customers trust us to deliver the leading steering and suspension services on the market. We work diligently to ensure the best possible outcome for your vehicle and efficiently to reduce wait times. Backed with technical support, trusting TAAS is the best choice you can make for your car.

Waiting to get your steering or suspension seen to can compromise vehicle performance and put you and your passengers at risk. The team at Tony Allen Auto Service have all the necessary tools and expertise to assure peace of mind with our experienced service.

Common signs there may be an issue with your Steering and Suspension

These are some frequent issues reported by drivers of vehicles with steering and suspension issues:

  • Uneven feel while driving, your vehicle pulling in either direction
  • Your steering wheel vibrates or shudders
  • Your brakes are unreliable
  • Clunking sounds while turning
  • Tyres wearing out faster than usual
  • An uncentered steering wheel
  • Your car doesn’t sit level while parked
  • Your vehicle handling has deteriorated

Our Process

At Tony Allen Auto Service, our aim is to be New Zealand’s leading comprehensive automotive service and repair centre. When you come into our shop, we will listen carefully to your car concerns and develop a thorough plan to assess and inspect any issues that may be present. We will then take your car through a steering and suspension test to find out exactly what’s going on with your vehicle.

Our team are equipped with the latest technology and respected for our extensive automotive knowledge. As certified experts and technicians, you are guaranteed a high-quality service for whatever issue your car may be having. Come see the Tony Allen Auto Service team today for steering and suspension services.

Call us today on 0800 100 876 to book an appointment with one of our experts.

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