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Cambelt Replacement

Failing to replace your cambelt when it has deteriorated can lead to needing to replace additional parts or even requiring a new vehicle altogether. The rubber material of campbelts naturally deteriorates over time and eventually snaps if you don’t get a cambelt replacement when there are signs you need to. This causes significant damage to the engine when vehicle parts collide.


 Cambelt Snaps

Most importantly, if your cambelt snaps at the wrong time, you may be involved in a car accident. For this reason, cambelt replacement not only avoids financial trouble, but it is crucial in keeping you and your passengers safe.

When replacing your cambelt, Tony Allen Auto Service will check additional parts, such as the idlers, tensioners, and the water pump, to save you from further vehicle damage in the future.

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 Warning Signals You May Need A Cambelt Replacement

It is recommended to get a cambelt replacement at the manufacturers recommendations or every four to five years. However, similar to other vehicle parts, sometimes cambelts may need to be replaced more frequently in certain vehicles.

Cambelts must be visually inspected at service time and if you don’t know the history of the cambelt it is best to replace it.

Cambelt Replacement At Tony Allen Auto Service

It’s our top priority to prolong your vehicle parts so you can drive safely. We can’t stress enough the damage a cambelt snapping can do on the vehicle.

We want to ensure you have peace of mind with our cambelt service or replacement. If it’s time you need a cambelt replacement, otherwise known as time belt service or repair, we’re here to help. Tony Allen Auto Service are your trusty family-owned mechanics located in Manukau, South Auckland.

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