Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

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 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

A thorough electric or hybrid vehicle servicing goes the extra mile. Further to your Warrant of Fitness (WOF), Tony Allen Auto Service’s vehicle servicing will spot errors and amend in order to prolong the life of vehicle parts. Although your vehicle may run on electricity some or all of the time it still has other areas that require attention, the same as a conventional vehicle. Peace of mind with your vehicle is key when it comes to safety and preventing costly breakdowns over the lifetime of your vehicle.
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What Will A Hybrid Or Electric Vehicle Servicing Include?

Your mandatory Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is designed for road safety. A regular electric vehicle servicing entails a large range of checks, with the main components being:

  • Electric motor
  • Wheels
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Tyre pressure
  • Tyre tread wear
  • Steering
  • Electric cabling
  • Lights
  • Windscreen wipers

 About Tony Allen Auto Service

Tony Allen Auto Service have been in business for more than 30 years, servicing vehicles in the Manukau, Auckland area and getting them back on the road safely and efficiently. Our team has the experience, equipment and knowledge to ensure we meet your needs. Electric and hybrid vehicles can be more complex and for that reason, we are committed to training and updating to the latest equipment.

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 Recommendations From Mechanics To Maintain Your Electric Vehicle

  1. Avoid rapid charging and instead, trickle charge throughout the night.
  2. Maintain the State of Charge at 20 to 80 per cent.
  3. Save charging fully for long distance drives only.
  4. Aim to park in the shade when it’s hot. Heat will add pressure on the battery, draining it and causing damage over time.
  5. Avoid harsh acceleration and braking.

 New Zealand Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Charging Stations

Planning your journey is key when it comes to electric vehicles.

Don’t get caught out short and see the locations of New Zealand charging stations here.

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