How To Save On Vehicle Running Costs


How To Save Money On Running Your Car

We understand living costs are on the rise. With this being said, you’ll want to save costs where you can.

A little money spent wisely on maintenance can save you major damage in the future. Vehicle maintenance is key in saving money in the long run.

Here, we’ll look into how you can save money when it comes to the running of your vehicle.

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 Change Your Engine Oil

Changing your engine oil reduces the amount of wear your engine will face by lubricating the engine parts. Following the manufactures recommendation for oil changing is essential. Depending on the vehicles and the way in which you drive, your oil may need to be changed more frequently. We recommend that you check your engine oil on a regular basis.

How do you check engine oil? You may be asking. Ensure your vehicle is on a flat surface and turned off. Lift the hood and retrieve the dip stick – this often has a yellow or red handle and an oil can symbol. 

NB: We are happy to check your oil for you at no cost at our location in Manukau City.

Wipe any existing oil off the dipstick with an old cloth then insert it into the tube. Pull it out and check where the oil line sits. If it is at or below the bottom line, it’s a signal you need to add engine oil. 

If you discover you do need to change the oil, ensure you use the right oil for your vehicle. Speak to us if you need assistance on this. To further care for your car, utilise friction-reducing oil which aids in preventing wear.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced

While your Warrant of Fitness (WOF) gives you an inspection of your vehicle safety, it doesn’t give a full analysis. In addition to this, parts can wear down or malfunction throughout the remainder of the year. Vehicle servicing will help ensure your vehicle is performing to its full potential by pinpointing wear and tear before it reaches the stage of irreversible damage.

Tony Allen Auto Service will analyse areas such as your brakes, engine, drive belts, filters, and more. We focus on helping future proofing your vehicle to the best of our ability.

Maintain Your Tyres

Did you know that you can save money on fuel by maintaining your tyre inflation levels? If your tyres are incorrectly inflated, they will generate too much heat, and consume more fuel. Both underinflated and overinflated tyres will wear down the tread at a faster rate, meaning you will need to replace your tyres more frequently. As well as this, incorrectly inflated tyres are more susceptible to damage.

For these reasons, you should maintain the level of air in your tyres, without overdoing it. You can check your tyre pressures for free at Tony Allen Auto Services.

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two additional services required within the maintenance of your vehicle. This generally needs to be done annually on what type of conditions you drive on. This is one of the things we check and recommend if necessary
required within the maintenance of your vehicle. This generally needs to be done for every 10,000 kilometres of driving. These are one of the areas checked when you get a vehicle servicing.

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